Catherine (Deakin)

This is one of the more useful workshops I’ve been to this year, I think because of how it helped to frame our work, life, and COVID experience. The practical tips to make space for the things that count were useful and I found it really uplifting.


Jane’s workshop literally changed everything for me. Not only did I learn to identify and articulate why I needed a change, I also committed mentally and emotionally to what that change would be. More than 2 years on still have the big one-pager up on my wall, and I love looking at it every day. It’s such a great reminder of the day that keeps me focused on my goals and moving in the right direction.


I can honestly say I’m a different person from doing this program. The journey I have had with all of these amazing ladies has been game changing. Our learnings and development and the bonds we have formed, bring on the future for us all! I’m so blessed to work for such an amazing business who promotes these opportunities for us.


Since completing the program I feel more organised and on top of my work. I act with more clearly defined intent and purpose. I feel calmer, more connected and engaged. It’s not that my work has changed, I have changed.


Jane Benston is a phenomenal person, confidante and career advisor with a unique ability to unite like-minded women and help them bring out the best in each other.

A Leadership Connection Lady

Jane has a special gift of seeing where you are at and what exactly you need to do to move forward in your career. With Jane’s mindset techniques and leadership model, I have gone from feeling frustrated and like an imposter to positioning myself as a woman in leadership.


Jane has a great problem-solving mind and a good understanding of the challenges I faced in my industry. She wasn’t afraid to give me targeted areas to improve on and she encouraged me to do some hard reflections – such as exploring my self-confidence, strength and the value I bring – which is what resulted in the biggest growth.

A Leadership Connection Lady

The discussions I had with Jane shone a light on things I was oblivious to or couldn’t see for myself. Jane has a lovely ability to call things out in a deliberate but gentle way. With Jane’s support, I made a decision to become more visible and own the good work that I had contributed to.


Jane is a great teacher, coach and facilitator and makes every one of us “ladies” feel heard

A Leadership Connection Lady

I have experienced so many growth moments. I’m ticking off things in my 180 day plan. New opportunities are presenting. I’m in control and having lots of fun defining my own journey. Sometimes I look back in disbelief that it has only been slightly over a year since I started working with Jane.