What happens when we dare to share?


If you have ever been to an event just for women, you will know that magic happens when women come together. We may walk in as strangers but it doesn’t take long to find common ground, share from the heart and connect.

At our core, women are gifted connectors, collaborators and communicators and it’s these natural gifts that allow the magic to happen when we come together in a room. The possibility and belief in what can be achieved is magnified through open, vulnerable and inspired conversation.

The real gold comes when we share our dreams and aspirations.

So many big, bold and courageous ideas have been brought to life over a shared cup of tea or a glass of bubbles in the company of like-minded women.

Perhaps it harks back to the days of women sitting around a campfire, telling stories, sharing the workload and looking out for one another.

Many women have shared their embryonic idea with me of what they envisage for the next stage of their career.  Often it’s the first time they have voiced their idea aloud – to themselves or others.

For some, it feels vulnerable. For others, they express fear that their idea is crazy. While others wonder if they have what it takes to succeed.

In the company of supportive women, their aspirations are given the best chance to blossom. So often the potential others see in us is more than we see in ourselves.

The accountability of sharing our dreams publicly within a safe space can be incredibly powerful.

Not to mention the sense of possibility and certainty that comes from a robust conversation to further develop the idea and brainstorming the actions it will take to get to the next step or up level.

But sadly, the male-dominated corporate environment has taught many of us to be overly competitive. How often have we seen women climb over each other or stab another in the back in an effort to WIN in business?

And then there are those that pride themselves to be fiercely independent.

OK, I’ll admit to this one. For many years, I was proud that I’d achieved so much alone. From buying a house, traveling across the globe, to achieving career success… I was proud that I had done it all alone. I believed that it was a sign of weakness to need to reach out for help.

How wrong I was!

Going it alone is the hard, slow and painful way to creating a successful career.

You just have to listen to a panel of successful women leaders at a conference to understand the importance of their connections. The common theme running through their stories is almost always that their success did not happen in isolation. They most often attribute their growth and opportunities to the people who have supported them along the way.

Who do you have in your corner?

Do you have a pose of powerful women to fuel your dreams and champion your success?

If women are going to have a greater impact at the leadership table, we need to tap into the power of the collective. There is no doubt that we are stronger when we come together than when we work alone.

Who do you have to lift you higher, hold you accountable and give you courage as your step beyond your comfort zone? Who do you celebrate your wins with, swear in frustration with and cry with when things don’t work out as planned?

A safe place to learn, laugh, sing, dance and cry is hard to come by for smart, professional women.

Everywhere I turn there are groups popping up for entrepreneurial women to connect, learn and support one another. They are hugely popular and have been a major contributing factor in the success of so many women running small businesses.

I know first hand what happens when a group of powerful women get together.  I have just come out of a very productive, three day retreat with a intimate group of high-achieving women business owners as part of a year long mastermind program.

Yes there were tears, laughter and learning. I know that these women have my back. They have given me new perspectives, made introductions to potential clients and stretched my thinking and personal expectations to another level.

I love these women.  

They have become my friends, my confidantes and my inner circle of advisors.

And I want that for you too.

And that’s why I created The Leadership Connection, an exclusive 6-month program for smart mid career professional women to connect and grow in their career success.

No more going it alone. No more working in isolation.

Click here for more information and to book a time to discuss whether this might be right for you.


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