What you learnt at school will keep you stuck

What most mid career professional women never realise is that what you learnt at school automatically set you up to be a productive, hardworking team member – NOT an impactful strategic leader.   

Now, that’s not your fault.  

The education system did a fantastic job at grooming all of us to be good hard-working team members. 

I mean. Think about it….  

Raise your hand! Work hard! Ask permission! Wait your turn. Do what you’re told! Get it right. Never make a mistake. 

Be a good girl and get good grades. 

And then one day my child, YOU will be successful in work and life.  

Well, if that was the case, then everyone we know who operates this way – those who work long, hard grinding hours and wait for permission and do what they are told and seek perfection… they would be successful. 

But we know that’s simply not the case.  

And that’s because, when you hold onto this team member mindset after securing a leadership position, your value can only be assessed on your effort – and we all know that your effort is limited by the amount of time you have in your day and the amount of energy you have to give. 

And have you noticed: you never seem to have enough of either!  

Successful leaders are those who rise above the day-to-day low level tasks and think and act strategically … 

NOT those who rely purely on their hard work to get ahead.   

Leaders take risks. They question everything. They challenge the status quo and take bold action. They set expectations and hold their teams accountable.  And most importantly – they create results for the organisation.  

If anything, successful leaders are those who adopted the exact opposite mindset of what we’re taught at school. 

Think about it.  Find me any successful leader who’s getting results, setting the agenda and leading a high performing team, who thinks and operates like a hard-working new graduate.   

You can’t.  

Because they don’t exist.  

And now you know the difference between someone who gets stuck languishing in a mid management role and someone who thrives in a rewarding leadership role, making a real difference.  

Which means you have a choice. 

You can continue to operate as an underpaid, overworked team member on a downward spiral towards burnout with nothing to show for it… 


Starting today, you can step into the mindset of a leader and start living and operating from that place. 

Now, it’s not going to be easy. It’s going to mean breaking a few long-held habits and it’s going to be uncomfortable. 


It’s going to be worth it in the end.  

What’s it going to be?  

Hard work with little to show for it?  Or focused, strategic, rewarding, high level work that has you recognised as a leader.  

Your choice.  




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