Since completing the program I feel more organised and on top of my work. I act with more clearly defined intent and purpose. I feel calmer, more connected and engaged. It’s not that my work has changed, I have changed.


Before attending the program I was stuck and was unsure of what I wanted from my career. With a shift in my thinking and focus, I’m now more confident as a leader and excited about the year ahead.


When I first joined The Leadership Connection, I had the title but wasn’t really being a leader. Now I’ve got confidence in my abilities, allowing me to step into new opportunities with self belief and certainty.


Through The Leadership Connection, I rebuilt my identity and found a greater sense of who I am, my strengths, value and contribution in the workplace.

Engineering Manager

Workshops with Jane are always special from the moment you walk into a beautiful room filled with amazing women. The learning’s and conversation that take place within are priceless.