A Leadership Connection Lady

I have experienced so many growth moments. I’m ticking off things in my 180 day plan. New opportunities are presenting. I’m in control and having lots of fun defining my own journey. Sometimes I look back in disbelief that it has only been slightly over a year since I started working with Jane.

A Leadership Connection Lady

If you’re serious about being a leader and wanting to develop in your career, you absolutely need someone like Jane in your corner. Now, as I move forward in my career, I can hear Jane’s voice beside me telling me I can do it. She’s a powerful advocate and holds the belief in you when you don’t believe in yourself. My only regret – not having reached out to Jane sooner.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck, unsure – any of these negative emotions around your work life – The Leadership Connection is a platform for finding clarity, balance and integrity. It’s a source you can tap into that’s going to give you the permission and support to make changes that perhaps you are not confident to make on your own.


This isn’t about learning basic skills of leadership. Jane helps you to elevate yourself.