5 Keys To Getting Noticed At Work

5 Keys To Getting Noticed At Work


Why is it that we can sometimes work really hard putting in long hours, contributing enormous value to the team or achieved extraordinary results and still we feel invisible at work? 

It doesn’t matter how great you are at your job if no one is noticing you.  It is impossible to be a leader with influence or to make a positive impact with those that matter if you go unnoticed.

Opportunities of working on an exciting project, receiving a pay rise or even having time with a great mentor will pass you by if your skills, talents and real contribution are hidden from view.

Have you ever wondered “Why did they get promoted and not me?” Or “ What is it about me that makes me feel like I blend into the background?”

So I wonder … how noticeable are you? 

Sometimes we can get in the way of our own career success, without even realising it.  We stay quiet in meetings, we fail to let anyone know about the work we are doing, waiting and hoping that someone will notice or we deflect credit or accolades that do come our way. 

The truth is that being competent in your role is not enough! Leadership success is not just about how technically proficient you are.  It’s also about the relationships you build and getting known throughout the entire business for all the right reasons.

So it is time to step up and stand out

Here are 5 things to think about to help you stand out and get noticed for all of the great things that you are doing!

1.  Make your work speak for itself.  Obviously mediocre results are not enough to get you notice!  Be prepared to take on projects that show your skills and your willingness to stretch and grow.  Just getting by doesn’t impress anyone.  Be seen as a problem solver with innovative ideas than make not only you but also your entire department look good.

2.  Manage your brand.  Your leadership brand is your identity, your reputation and how others see you.  It is what comes to mind when your name is mentioned.  It conveys what you are known for, what you are good (or not so good) at.

Make sure that you take care of your brand and shape it so as you are known for the attributes that are authentically you and will assist you with your career progression.

3.  Actively network.  Creating meaningful connections both within your organisation and externally is important.  Many people, particularly introverts, find networking painfully uncomfortable but when we remember at its heart, networking is all about having a conversation with one other person and making a connection with them, it seems somewhat less daunting.

Some years ago while I was working as an advisor for a large corporate and spending most of the week out on the road, I would always make a point to walk the office and develop connections and maintain relationships with key people on the days I was in the office.  In doing this I created a tribe of supporters who not only helped me out when I needed but also advocated for me and championed for my success. 

Who would you like to get to know better?  Make a time to catch up with them focusing initially on how you can assist them before expecting anything other than friendship in return.

4.  Attitude is everything.  Every day we get to choose the attitude we bring to work. That attitude will impact our results, the experience we have and how those around us experience us.  We all like working with people who have a positive attitude where the focus is on positivity and possibilities rather than on negativity, blaming and gossip. 

Commit to being someone others would want to work with and in the process your reputation as a great person to have on the team will grow.

“The choice to have a great attitude is something nobody or no circumstance can take away from you”
~ Zig Ziglar

5.  Believe in your value.  Until you believe in your value … no one else will!  It is as simple as that.  We are all attracted to and follow people who act with certainty and confidence so if you don’t have bucket loads of this yet – “act as if” until you do. 

Decide today to speak up in meetings.  Your opinion matters and we all have great ideas that need to be heard.  Get comfortable with not always having others agree and as a mentor so eloquently put to me once “get off the fence and have an opinion.”

The bottom line here is to avoid the attitude of “It’s not fair.  I never seem to get noticed.” Be on the front foot and create your own opportunities to shine.  Become comfortable about “tooting” your own horn in a way that highlights your value without being egotistical.  Believe in your value and know that you deserve to be noticed.  From this advantage point only good things can grow.

Speak up and let your voice be heard!  



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