Rock Your Career Post Lockdown

Over recent weeks I’ve been reflecting on how much the professional landscape has changed since March 2020.  The way we work, where we work and what we work on, has in many ways changed forever.

And right now, we are transitioning to yet another new phase of uncertainty and change as we move towards opening up and “living with COVID.” 

We don’t yet know what the new normal will look like – but we can be sure that most organisations will not slip back into operating as they did pre-pandemic.  

Many businesses are in the middle of developing new plans and strategies for the coming years and are reviewing whether they have the right people to implement their vision and are in search of the best talent to bolster a depleted workforce.  

The “Great Resignation” that is currently sweeping around the globe is also creating mass movement of talent.  People at every level are reassessing their work and life choices and making decisions about what matters most to them.  

The flow on effect is that top talent is in high demand and is opening up some incredible opportunities.

You may be exhausted from the very long lockdowns and restrictions.  You may be thinking you’ll just limp through to Christmas and take some time early next year to consider what’s next for you…

But if you can find the strength, I encourage you to be curious about the opportunities that are all around you RIGHT NOW.

Over the past 2 or 3 weeks my diary has been filled with appointments, supporting mid-career women who are taking advantage of the job opportunities available.  Some of these women weren’t even looking for a new role – but have been approached to consider exciting projects that were too good to pass up.  

And not only are they securing these exciting roles – they are also negotiating significant pay rises, attractive benefits including flexibility and continued working from home and have had a say in the creation of the job specifics.  

Are you ready to take advantage of this unique moment in history – where you as a talented professional, are in the box seat?

You have the power because they want and need you – even more than you want and need the role they are offering. 

Here’s what to do right now to take advantage of current job opportunities

1. Know what you want. 

Start by getting clear on what your ideal next role might look like.  It’s OK to dream a little about the type of work you’d like to be doing based on what you love to do and your unique talents, skills and experience.  Importantly, think about the value you’d most like to contribute to a business.  

With this clarity, if you are approached about a potential role, you’ll be ready to assess it based on what you really want. 

2. Spread the word

This is not a time to fly under the radar.  You’ve been hidden away at home for long enough!  It’s time to reconnect with your professional network.  Pick up the phone or arrange time to meet for coffee – even if it’s in a park for now.   

If you’ve been too busy or have lost your professional mojo of late, how about putting some time aside in the coming weeks to re-establishing some of your key relationships.  

The best opportunities are being filled via word of mouth so make sure you’re not shy about sharing what types of roles you’d like to be considered for. 

3. Believe

In the current climate, hiring managers are looking for talent with room for growth.  What this means for you is that there is a chance you may be approached for a role that you would have previously thought was out of your league.  

It’s time to believe in you.  You are ready!  Say yes and then surround yourself with a support team to assist you to grow into the role.  

If they believe in you … so should you!  

Good luck.  You’ve got this. This is your time. 



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