Reignite Your Career Mojo: Overcoming the Back-to-Work Blues

After navigating a seemingly endless whirlwind of changes and challenges over the past few years, have you found yourself reassessing your priorities and reflecting on what truly matters to you? You are certainly not alone. And as we ease into a new year, perhaps you’re finding yourself grappling with the back-to-work blues.

Returning to the daily grind after treasured downtime means saying goodbye to those leisurely beach days, quiet reading moments, and extended lunches with friends. It’s completely normal to feel a bit wistful…

Seeing another year stretch before you might also have you wondering whether you and your job are meant for each other. But, before you start contemplating a major career overhaul, let’s chat about some strategies to reignite your professional spark.

How to Beat the Back-to-Work-Blues:

1. Get Clear on Your Goals

You’ve likely heard this advice before, and for good reason – because it really is important! Setting clear goals provides a roadmap for the year ahead. If traditional goal-setting doesn’t resonate, how about picking a theme for the year? For instance, I once dedicated a year to pushing beyond my comfort zone. Last year’s theme was Ask. What theme might guide your year?

2. Establish Boundaries

Is it beginning to feel like you’re living at the office? I once worked with someone who’s average work day was 12 hours. Yikes! It was no wonder her health was suffering, she felt endless guilt about not being present with her family, and she was resenting the role that used to energise her.

A new year is a great opportunity to establish some new boundaries – or reinforce those boundaries that have slipped away. And if your work hours seem to be growing, it’s definitely time to set some boundaries.

When my client learned to stick to her boundaries, graciously decline tasks that weren’t her responsibility, and focus on the work that really mattered, she was able to reclaim over 2 hours each day… while still delivering results for the organisation.

3. Work Smarter, Not Harder

We cannot create more time. It’s that simple. So the trick here is to find the tactics and habits that will support you to win back some time for the things that matter. Things like carving out – and fiercely protecting – time for your big-picture, strategic thinking, and then working on those strategies during your most productive hours.

It will mean understanding what is important (for you, your team, and the organisation) and effectively delegating everything else. And it will mean getting good at saying no to things you don’t need to focus on.

4. Leverage Your Strengths

Can you clearly articulate your strengths? Do you get to leverage those strengths in your current role?

When you align work with your strengths, you will perform significantly better and – more importantly – you will experience a higher level of job satisfaction. Take some time to reflect on your strengths and whether your current role gives you the opportunity to use them effectively.

5. Nourish Professional Relationships

Another factor that can improve job satisfaction is the relationships you have at work. Nurturing these relationships takes effort… but it will pay off if you commit to it. Stay connected, give value, collaborate, and support your team and colleagues in shared goals and objective. Taking the time to create a strong professional network can make a world of difference.

6. Prioritise Your Own Wellbeing

I know you already know: when work takes over, our own wellbeing gets dumped at the bottom of the pile. Yet research consistently highlights the importance of cultivating a healthy lifestyle for overall performance – in life and at work.

Focusing on nutritious eating, regular exercise, and moments of mindfulness is crucial. When you cultivate an active and fulfilling life you will see the benefits across the board.

7. Give Yourself a Decision Date

If, despite your efforts, you still struggle to find joy and fulfillment at work, this year might be the time to consider something new. Commit to a date by which you’ll either rekindle your career mojo or decide to explore new opportunities. Life is too short to stay stuck in a job that leaves you feeling drained and unfulfilled.

Now, over to you…

If the back-to-work blues have left you uninspired for the year ahead, it’s time to embrace change. After all, nothing changes if nothing changes! This is your time to take charge, shake things up, and reignite that professional mojo so you can step into that sustainable, fulfilling leadership role you know you’re capable of.

Know you need support and accountability to begin implementing these strategies? My signature group coaching program, IGNITE, can help. Over 8 weeks, you’ll discover how to step up to the next level of leadership, impact and recognition – without working harder. Learn more about the program here



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