How to own your value and leverage
your talent

Almost every week women tell me that they are capable of more but are struggling to make their mark within their organisation or industry. These women are brilliant and their unique talents are much needed in the modern workplace.

Their CV’s document their extensive experience and the results they have achieved throughout their career but still they find themselves languishing in roles that no longer excite them.

They know they have more to offer … and they are right!

So what’s the missing link?

To put it simply … they are not owning their value or leveraging their talent.

They have not positioned themselves as a woman of preeminence with valuable expertise to share.

Humbleness is a virtue – but not when it holds you back from getting you seen, heard and recognised for your expertise.

Many are waiting in hope and expectation they will be noticed for their good work.  And most struggle to speak about who they are, what they want and what value they offer an organisation.

But once they get clear on their value and are able to articulate it in a succinct, congruent way, magic happens.

Katherine is a great example; super talented, exceptional leader and all round great woman. When we first meet she was what I’d describe as beige. She had been flying under the radar, busy doing the do but not owning or leveraging her talents. She was frustrated by the lack of career progression but didn’t know how to change it.

After attending one of my workshops, she realised she had been asleep at the wheel.   Simply by getting super clear on her value she was able to position herself for the perfect next opportunity.

With renewed self worth and certainty about her career, she is now up beat and confident about her future. And it doesn’t stop there.  Her friends, family and colleagues have noticed a significant shift in how she is showing up both at work and at home.

Here’s how to own your value and leverage your talents.

1. Know your value. It all starts here. You have to know your value.  And to be seen as valuable, you must step up and own it.  Simple really.

Over and over again I’ve seen women struggle to articulate the value they bring to a team or an organisation. It’s not enough to know what you do well. This is a good start but it’s important to be able to speak about how this contributes to the organisation’s bigger picture.

2. Do the inner work. Believability is key. You need to do the inner work to ensure you show up with presence, poise and grace. If you are fidgeting, shrinking or letting your nerves run riot, no one will buy into your opinion, your leadership or your direction.

Breaking down the limiting beliefs and mental barriers that get in your way is key to owning your value and leveraging your talents. It takes courage to do this inner work and to put yourself our there … but it’s worth it.

It’s about doing the work so that you go into the most critical situations with a mindset of “I am here to contribute and add value” knowing you have what it takes.

3. Demonstrate your expertise. Ladies, it’s time to step out from the shadows and shine. No more being the best keep secret. Create a strategy to demonstrate your expertise on a regular basis.

This might mean sharing your expertise more freely in meetings, taking on high profile projects or being intentional about the opportunities you say YES to and those you say NO to.

Without an intentional strategy – it will not happen.

4. Show up and share. There is no other way for this strategy to work well. Be intentional about showing up each and every day in a way that will get you recognised for the skills and abilities you want to be known for.

Share your opinion and allow your expertise to be seen. And most importantly speak often about what you are working on, the impact you’re having and the results you and your team are achieving.

Yes, I’m suggesting you toot your own horn in your best humble, genuine way. It’s not enough to rely on others to notice – you need to tell them.

This work takes courage and is the fast track to exponential growth.

It will position you well within your organisation for the most exciting opportunities. And it will raise your profile within your industry so when an ideal position becomes available your name will be automatically thrown into the mix.

Your next role is more likely to come from within your network than it will from a recruiter so make sure your network knows your value!

Knowing your value and leveraging your talents is one of the most important strategies a woman can have in her toolkit to help her reach her ultimate potential.

It will take you from best kept secret to preeminence … without working harder or selling your soul.

Put this strategy into practice and see your personal power soar and your professional reputation take off with a quantum leap.


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