My guiding word for 2024

Every year I choose a word of the year. It guides me and provides focus – usually in an area of growth or it supports the development of a new positive habit.

Last year my word of the year was ASK.

My goal was to use my focus of ASKING to let go of the long-held habit of being overly independent. For most of my life, I’d seen my fiercely independent ways as one of my greatest strengths but in more recent years it was becoming increasingly obvious that it was also becoming a barrier to my growth and an easier, more fulfilling life.

Throughout 2023 I consciously resisted the temptation and habit of diving in and doing it all myself.

Did I get it perfect every time? Absolutely not. Fifty plus years of habitual coping alone rather than leaning into support doesn’t vanish overnight – but I’m proud to say I’ve made significant progress.

Whether it was handing over the keys to a professional team to prepare my Melbourne property for sale or asking for a lift to an event or delegating more to my team (and letting go to allow them to flourish). I’m
happy to report I’m enjoying the results from ASKING.

After much deliberation I’ve now come up with my area of focus for 2024.

This year’s word is ALLOWING.


It primarily comes from a realisation that not only have I struggled with ASKING – I’ve also struggled with RECEIVING. So, my focus on ALLOWING is to build my muscle around accepting support. Allowing work and life to be easy. ALLOWING others to carry some of the load.

It’s to remind me to go with the flow rather than struggling against the tide. I’ll be asking over and over again…. “Is there an easier way?”

We women often feel that things need to be hard to be worthwhile. I’m calling BS on that! I’m committed to ALLOW myself the gift of taking the easier pathway – provided it leads me to the results I want!

This year’s focus is to encourage me to spend more time in silence to ALLOW my intuition to support decision making and guide my next moves.

It’s about ALLOWING the year to unfold without judgement. It’s accepting that there will always be situations and circumstances that are challenging. I will be letting go of what I can’t control and focus on responding to those things I can.

I’m also expecting 2024 will bring with it challenges in supporting my aging parents – so my focus of ALLOWING extends to ALLOWING myself grace as I navigate those challenges.

Finally, it’s about ALLOWING more space in my weekly schedule for me. The transition to menopause has not been smooth sailing and I’m committed to allowing myself the time and space to focus on building a healthy foundation for this next stage of life.

And most of all …. I’m excited about what this year of ALLOWING will create.

How about you? Do you have a word or area of focus for the year? I’d love to hear what it is?

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