Leaders are in high demand ... but in very short supply!

If you look at any Org Structure right now, you’ll see plenty of leaders listed – but are they really leading?

Do they have respect from their team members, trust from their stakeholders and the backing of their executives?

I think we’d all agree that there are plenty who do not!

Many leaders are not building and engaging cohesive, high performing teams. They are not setting the vision or building strategies that will lead the business to great heights. And many are not making much of an impact beyond showing up and churning through their to do list.

Sadly, too many in leadership positions are too busy in the day to day, or lacking the courage to make uncomfortable decisions or take bold actions, or failing to harness the full value and potential of their team…. to be seen as truly leading.

I’m sure you’ve seen this to be true too.

When you think back over your career, how many of your leaders would you consider to be good (or even great) leaders?

Over my career I’ve reported to a couple of people who I would say were truly exceptional leaders, with the rest falling in the OK range. And a few… well I’d plonk them directly into the dreadful basket!

So, here’s the good news.

Organisations are crying out for exceptional leaders – at all levels.

Which means…

If you’re considered to be a great leader, you will always be in HIGH DEMAND.

As a great leader, here’s what you can expect…

More money.

Greater job security.

An abundance of opportunities.

To attract the highest quality team members.

Commanding respect across the organisation.

Recognition for your leadership.

Which in turn makes work so much easier, enjoyable and fulfilling!

So, let’s make sure you are seen as an exceptional leader.

The good news is …

Being seen as a great leader isn’t going to require you to work any harder.

Let’s celebrate that for a moment – because I’m guessing you’re already working long hours and perhaps weekends too. Actually, when you step into impactful leadership, it’s very possible you’ll work less – not more!

Being seen as an exceptional leader is all about focusing your time and energy in a new way.

Here’s how…

  • Dedicate more time and effort to high impact, high value projects.
  • Focus on creating results that matter to the senior executive team.

  • Learn to influence important decisions and provide clear strategies that others will get behind.

  • Set strong boundaries, delegate more and support your team to deliver on the highest priorities.

  • Ensure that the right people know who you are and how good you are at what you do.

In other words …

The most reliable way to be seen as an exceptional leader, so you are always in high demand, is to focus your time and energy not on the low-level day-to-day tasks but on the high impact activities that make a difference within your organisation.

By investing your time, energy and resources in becoming an exceptional leader you will be richly rewarded. Stand apart from the average leader and you will always be in high demand.

You’ve got this. Go out and be exceptional!




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