Have you forgotten to check in with your intuition?

We are intuitive beings. We have an inner compass, that when given the chance, can guide us in the decisions we make and the direction we take.   When we trust our intuition and take action based on its guidance, it will faithfully do it’s best to support us.

But in all our busyness we seem to be forgetting how to tune in and listen.

We have all been carrying a very heavy load over the last 18 months.  Many women I speak to are exhausted!  They are working hard, getting the job done and putting on a brave face.

Maintaining a high level of professionalism and commitment to doing great work while home schooling and soldiering on without a break… is a LOT!

But in all the craziness of our current reality, is it possible you’ve stopped listing to your gut?

When we fail to recognise these tell-tale signs, we miss the need to pause before hitting burnout or fail to say yes to the big opportunity or make a poor choice when recruiting a new team member.

The cost can be high when we ignore the quiet whispers or persistent inner calling trying to guide us.

When have you failed to listen to your intuition?

Looking back on a decision I made last year that didn’t turn out so well, I recognise that I ignored a nagging feeling that something wasn’t quite right. I experienced massive resistance, slipped back into an old habit of procrastination and come up against lots of unexpected roadblocks.

I now recognise that this was my deep intuitive knowing at first whispering – and later shouting from the roof tops – that this was not right for me. Had I listened to the initial whispers, it would have saved me a lot of time, energy and financial pain!

Obviously, there is no exact science to this, but it pays to listen.

We know that when we listen, our gut instincts help us to..

  • Read people,
  • Make the right decisions,
  • Set the right goals
  • Align with the best pathway forward

And there is something powerful about people who are in tune with their intuition and make decisions based not only on logic but also gut instinct.

Perhaps it’s time to get your logic and your intuiting working in harmony again.

3 Ways to tap into your intuition more effectively

  1. Take time to pause. Gut feelings are difficult to recognise when we are caught up in the busyness of our day to day. Take the time to pause and still the mind.

That might mean making time for a little meditation or journaling, taking the dog for a walk, dancing to your favourite music or, like I did today, taking a quiet moment during my lunch break to watch the waves roll in at the beach.

  1. Pay attention to your body.We don’t tap into our intuition by thinking. It happens through feeling. To get back into the habit of listening, simply take a few moments a couple of times each day to scan your body. This will help you become more present, to quiet your busy mind and tune into your body. Notice anything that feels out of the ordinary. Be aware of your breath. Tune in to how you feel.

  2. Emotions leave clues. Take notice of the emotions you’re feeling on a consistent basis. Too often I see smart dynamic women suppress their emotions to a point they no longer feel them.

Your emotional response to any situation provides you with clues. Notice your energy and trust your emotions to give you the signals you need.

You have an inner guide.  May this be a gentle reminder to listen.


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