Hate workplace politics? Here's why you should embrace it.

Eek! If you hate the very idea of workplace politics, I want you to hear me out.

I agree it’s icky and can be a truly ugly game.

It may make your skin crawl. Perhaps you’ve made a commitment to yourself that you would never do it.

You hate when you see it in others. And it’s frustrating to see them being rewarded for it – getting recognition they don’t deserve or even being promoted because they’ve played the game so well.

The truth is …

Avoiding the political game is hurting your career.

You’re missing out on being considered for the best opportunities.

Your best work is being overlooked or ignored.

And there’s even a chance you are being paid less because of it.

So, what’s the solution? How can you get seen, heard and recognised without playing politics?

The answer is…

Get comfortable with tooting your own horn – just a little – in a way that allows you to remain humble, authentic and in integrity.

It’s time to get comfortable with not only doing great work – but also to speak about the great work you and your team are doing.

It’s not icky. It’s not political. It’s smart!

It’s time to step out from the shadows and stop hoping and expecting your work to speak for itself. Yes, I know your great work should speak for itself – but at this level of leadership – it won’t.

It’s time to get comfortable with speaking about what you are doing and the value you are contributing to your organisation.

Leaders are visible. Leaders actively build their profile. Leaders consciously create a reputation that positions them for what they want to be known for.

So, if you hate the political games – don’t reject it. Instead, create your own game.

Raise your profile, build your reputation, get the recognition you deserve – but do it your way…. in a way that’s authentic to you.

Don’t reject it outright. There’s lots to be learnt from understanding the politics but it doesn’t mean you need to play the game in the same way as those who make your skin crawl.

Find your own way.


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