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Leadership Training for
High Potential Women

Real transformation takes time and requires more than a bandaid solution.

It’s no secret that business success depends largely on your leaders. Whether they’re driving key decisions, dealing with customers, managing staff, or shaping culture, you want your leaders to bring their A-game. That means empowering them with the tools and support they need to perform at their best.

The gender gap in corporate leadership is real, and bridging the gap requires more than a band-aid solution.


To create positive, lasting change and get maximum return on your training investment, you need a program that’s longer-term. You need a professional trainer who’s more than a visitor, but a trusted partner for your business. Someone who can build REAL relationships, tackle the REAL issues, and get REAL results from your team. Results that ripple throughout your business – not just today, but for years to come.

I offer both online and in person corporate leadership training to support your high potential women and take your business to the next level.

Rather than simply scratching the surface, or providing temporary motivation, our programs provide your women leaders the critical skills they need to make a bigger contribution to your business – to team dynamics, workplace culture, and to the bottom line.

Women’s Leadership Development Program

The beauty of the Women’s Leadership Development Program is that it can be tailored to your specific goals. Every business is different, and I work with you to ensure your most important outcomes are achieved. The program may include any combination of:

  • Offsite retreats
  • Onsite Workshops
  • Behavioural Profiling
  • Group Coaching
  • Individual Coaching
  • Online Training
  • Private Forum

The Benefits to Your Business

In terms of benefits, the program delivers a wide range of financial, strategic and cultural returns that help your business perform at its peak. These include:

Supporting women leaders to have greater impact and accelerating their professional growth.

Email admin@janebenston.com or call 0408 094 345 for more info on how the Women’s Leadership Development Program can be incorporated into your professional development plan.

Looking for a COVID-proof solution to support your mid career professional women?

The Ignite Program is an online group coaching program designed to support mid-career professional women to accelerate their progress by equipping them with the foundational tools required to step up to the next level of leadership, impact and recognition. 

This program is proven to fast track career progression from middle management into senior leadership roles by providing targeted support and guidance in eight specific key areas.

The Ignite Program will support your female talent with:


Providing focused time and support away from the busyness of the day to day.


Take away the guesswork and follow a simple, proven step by step process to fast track professional growth.


Create a cohort of women where unconditional support and high quality, non-judgemental conversations become the norm.


Sometimes all that’s needed is someone to hold us accountable to take the action, believe that we can and stay true to our word.


Clarity creates momentum. This program will help your female leaders to uncover plenty of both. No more getting stuck or paralysed with indecision.


Opportunities for growth and development remain even in the time of COVID. This program provides the flexibility required even with the ongoing threat of restrictions and border closures.

Email admin@janebenston.com or call 0408 094 345 to find out more.

Want to see how I work?

In addition to my signature Women’s Leadership Development Program, I offer a limited number of onsite corporate workshops each year.
The workshops are a snapshot of the type of insights your high potential leaders would get from my main program, and a great way to see if we’re the right fit.

Authentic Leadership

Empower your women leaders to activate their unique leadership style.

Career Pathway

Position your high-potential women leaders for their next

Maximum Impact

Support your women leaders to lead with greater impact and

Email admin@janebenston.com or call 0408 094 345 to find out more.

Catherine (Deakin)

This is one of the more useful workshops I've been to this year, I think because of how it helped to frame our work, life, and COVID experience. The practical tips to make space for the things that count were useful and I found it really uplifting.



Jane’s workshop literally changed everything for me. Not only did I learn to identify and articulate why I needed a change, I also committed mentally and emotionally to what that change would be. More than 2 years on still have the big one-pager up on my wall, and I love looking at it every day. It’s such a great reminder of the day that keeps me focused on my goals and moving in the right direction.

Market Director


I can honestly say I’m a different person from doing this program. The journey I have had with all of these amazing ladies has been game changing. Our learnings and development and the bonds we have formed, bring on the future for us all! I’m so blessed to work for such an amazing business who promotes these opportunities for us.



This program is life changing! It’s had a tremendous impact not on only my leadership/career but my life skills. I am a better leader. I listen more and communicate more effectively. I focus on the right things and I’m much calmer.


Cathy Mattiussi

From a business perspective, this program helped prepare the women for promotion and aided in retention when roles have not been available immediately.

Cathy Mattiussi
Head of HR, Yahoo7